Ka'ili Beard Products

$10.00 - $11.00

Ka'ili Tea Tree Mint Beard Bar:

Hooray for clean, happy beards! This all-natural cleansing bar is great for the build up of dirt, sweat, sebum and germs from frequent touching and daily activity. With consistent washing, beards are easier to maintain and growth is accelerated. This cleansing bar helps cleanse the beard while leaving behind natural moisture from hydrating oils like sweet almond and tea tree.

Made with: Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint & Sweet Almond Oil

-At least twice weekly, rinse beard hair with warm water before lathering the soap in your hands then applying it to the beard. Lather the soap into the beard and skin below, this should continue for at least 3 minutes. Once all areas are covered rinse with warm to cool water and go straight to the Ka’ili Beard Oil for instant moisture.

Ka'ili Beard Oil:
The Ka’ili Beard Oil can be used as a daily beard moisturizer. You can even leave it in overnight and wash off the next morning. With regular use, you will definitely notice positive changes in your beard. This beard oil is made with calming oils that support hair growth, fight acne, increase blood circulation and reduce blemishes. When integrated in a daily routine, this oil increases hair growth to make your beard grow faster, stronger.


Contains: Sweet almond oil, castor oil and lemongrass oil